ZizoutagineMoroccan cuisine

Tagine menu
Salads menu

Starters To share

traditional moroccan soup, cooked with lentils, chick peas and fresh tomatoes£6.00
Compote of aubergines cooked with tomato sauce, parsley, fresh coriander and olive oil.£6.00
slow cooked grilled pepper cooked with tomato sauce cumin, garlic and olive oil£6.00
Chickpeas purée served with crispy pitta bread and ouzania olive oil£5.50
Slata Barda*
Sliced beetroot with honey, cinnanon, olive oil and a touch of balsmic vinegar.£6.00
Carrot Salad*
Cooked carrot with garlic, coriandr and moroccan spices.£6.00
Merguez Meshwi
chargrilled spicy lamb sausages£6.00
Kefta Meshwiya
Grilled lamb kefta, mechouia dip & coriander.£6.00
Pastilla of Chicken
Sweet and spicy filo pastry with alomonds and cinnamon.£7.90
Assortment of Briouats
selection of filo pastry with chicken, beef, spinach and goat cheese.£6.90
Vegetable Mezze*
Vegetarian* mezze consist of any 4 dips from the cold kemia.£13.00
Meat Mezze
Meet mezze consist of 3 vegetarian dips* and 1 choice of meat between Merguez or Kefta.£15.00
Salads menu

Mains Courses To Follow

Couscous Mechoui for Two
Slow roasted lamb shoulder with authentic spices£19.00 per person
Couscous Zizou
Lamb shank, grilled chicken and merguez.£15.00
Zizou grill
Lamb and chicken skewers served with saffa couscous or rice and salad.£15.00
Lamb barkouk Tagine
Slow cooked lamb shank with prunes, almonds, poached pear and sesame seeds.£15.00
Mamounia Tagine
Slow cooked lamb shank with grilled aubergine and chick peas.£15.00
Tagine Basla
Slow cooked lamb shank served with fried onion and patato (this dish contains flour).£15.00
Fish Tagine
Slow cooked fish selection with potato and Moroccan tomato sauce.£15.00
Mamounia Fish
Fish trio of Couli, Pangass fillet and grilled sardine served with potato galette.£15.00
Tagine Djaj
Traditional chicken with preserved lemons, olives, onion compote and saffron.£15.00
Tanjia Lamb for Two
Lamb shank slow cooked in a clay pot with saffa couscous.£17.00 per person
Tagine Makfoul
Chicken is stewed in savoury moroccan spices and topped with caramelized tomato.£14.00
Tagine Lala Fatima
Traditional chicken with preserved lemons, purple olives, potatoes and saffron.£14.00
Tagine Kefta
Kefta meatballs cooked with tomato sauce and moroccan spices finished with a poached egg.£13.00
Batenjan Bil Jibneh*
Baked aubergine stuffed with roasted peppers, rocket salad and goat cheese.£12.00
Vegetarian with Goat cheese Salad*
Chicken Salad
Vegetable Tagine*
Slow cooked vegetables with fresh tomato sauce.£12.00
Veg Couscous
Steamed cracked wheat served with chick peas, raisins and veg broth bouillon.£12.00
Saffa Couscous
Green Salad
Marguez Batata Hara
French Beans
Flat Bread
Morrocan Bread
Drinks menu

Desserts & Drinks To Finish

Drinks & Shisha

Mint Sahara
Fresh mint shaken with lemon juice and gomme (sugar syrup) topped up with soda.£4.50
Berber Cooler
Fresh Raspberriy purée shaken with apple and fresh orange juice.£4.50
Fresh Mango purée shaken with ginger, pineapple juice.£4.50
A fresh pear purée and kiwi shaken with apple juice and a touch of orange blossom water£4.50
All kind of flavours (please ask waiter for flavours available)£13.00
Shisha with Vegetable Mezze and Tea Pot
All kind of flavours (please ask waiter for flavours available)£25.00

Hot Drinks

Pot of fresh Moroccan Mint tea
Pot of fresh Moroccan Mint tea
English tea/Earl Grey
Moroccan Coffee
Single espresso
Double espresso
Fresh Herbal Teas
Orange Blossom Mint or Cinnamon Mint or Cardamon Mint£2.50


Cremé Bruleé
Cremé Bruleé with figs.£4.50
Poached pears
Served with rasperry coulis and vanilla ice cream.£4.50
Chocolate "fondant"
Chocolate served with vanilla ice cream and raspberry coulis.£4.50
Selection of Moroccan sweets

Cold Drinks

Apple Juice
Pineapple Juice
Cranberry Juice
Orange Juice
Fresh Lemon Juice
Still/sparkling mineral water

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